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v fen [fˈɛn]

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v (transitive) To put (something) down, to rest.
v (transitive) To punch (a nail) into wood so that its head is below the surface.
v (transitive) To compile, to make (a crossword).
v (transitive) To prepare (a stage or film set).
v (transitive) To fit (someone) up in a situation.
v (transitive) To arrange (type).
v (transitive|archaic) to sit.
v (transitive|volleyball) To direct (the ball) to a teammate for an attack.
v (intransitive) Of a heavenly body, to disappear below the horizon of a planet, etc, as it rotates.
v (obsolete|now followed by "out", as in set out) To begin to move; to go forth.
v (intransitive|of fruit) To be fixed for growth; to strike root; to begin to germinate or form.
v (intransitive|Southern US|Midwestern US|dialects) To sit (gloss|be in a seated position).
n A device for receiving broadcast radio waves; a radio or television.
n (horticulture) A small tuber or bulb used instead of seed, particularly onion sets and potato sets.
n The amount the teeth of a saw protrude to the side in order to create the kerf.
a (context|of hair) Fixed in a certain style.
n A young plant fit for setting out; a slip; shoot.
n A rudimentary fruit.
n The setting of the sun or other luminary; (context|by extension) the close of the day.
n A collection of various objects for a particular purpose.
n An object made up several parts
n (set theory) A collection of zero or more objects, possibly infinite in size, and disregarding any order or repetition of the objects which may be contained within it.
n A group of people, usually meeting socially.
n (exercise) A group of repetitions of a single exercise performed one after the other without rest.
n (tennis) A complete series of games, forming part of a match.
n (volleyball) A complete series of points, forming part of a match.
n (volleyball) The act of directing the ball to a teammate for an attack.
n (UK|education) A class group in a subject where pupils are divided by ability.
n (poker|slang) three of a kind | Three of a kind in poker. In w:community card poker|community card games, the term is usually reserved for a situation in which a pair in a player's hand is matched by a single card on the board. Compare with trips. Weisenberg, Michael (2000) [ The Official Dictionary of Poker]. MGI/Mike Caro University. ISBN 978-1880069523