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v (intransitive) To hunt seals
n A stamp used to impress a design on a soft substance such as wax.
n An impression of a stamp on wax or paper.
n (rft-sense) A design or ensignia usually associated with an organization or an official role.
n Anything that secures or authenticates.
n (rft-sense) Something which will be visibly damaged if a covering or container is opened, and which may or may not bear an official design.
n Confirmation or an indication of confirmation.
n Something designed to prevent liquids or gases from leaking through a joint.
n A tight closure, secure against leakage.
v (transitive) To place a seal on (a document).
v (transitive) To fasten (something) so that it cannot be opened without visible damage.
v (transitive) To prevent people or vehicles from crossing (something).
v (transitive) To close securely to prevent leakage.
v (transitive) To place in a sealed container.
v (transitive|chess) To place a notation of one's next move in a sealed envelope to be opened after an adjournment.
v (context|dialectal) To tie up animals (especially cattle) in their stalls.