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v (transitive) To raise physically; to lift up; to cause to rise, to elevate.
v (transitive) To construct by building; to set up
v (transitive) To raise spiritually; to lift up; to elevate morally.
v (transitive) To breed and raise; as, to rear cattle (cattle-rearing).
v (transitive|obsolete) To rouse; to strip up.
v (intransitive) To rise up on the hind legs, as a bolting horse.
v (transitive|of geese) To carve.
a (context|chiefly|_|US) (context|of meats) rare | Rare.
a Being behind, or in the hindmost part; hindmost; as, the rear rank of a company.
n The back or hindmost part; that which is behind, or last on order; - opposed to front.
n (military) Specifically, the part of an army or fleet which comes last, or is stationed behind the rest.
v (transitive|vulgar|British) To sodomize (gloss|perform anal sex)