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Hungarian (40)

25 [hˈusonøt]
n bot [bˈot]
v lop [lˈop]
5,03 méter [ˈøt ɛɡeːshaːromsaːzɑd mˈeːtɛr]

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n Originally, a stick; now specifically, a long and slender piece of metal or (especially) wood, used for various construction or support purposes.
n (slang|spotting) A telescope used to identify birds, aeroplanes or wildlife.
n (historical) A unit of length, equal to a perchchain or 5½ yards).
v To propel by pushing with poles, to push with a pole.
v To identify something quite precisely using a telescope.
n Either of the two points on the earth's surface around which it rotates; also, similar points on any other rotating object.
n A point of magnetic focus, especially each of the two opposing such points of a magnet (designated north and south).
n (geometry) A fixed point relative to other points or lines.
n (context|electricity) A contact on an electrical device (such as a battery) at which electric current enters or leaves.
n (context|complex analysis) (rfc-sense) One of a set of isolated points a for which the meromorphic function f(z) approaches infinity as z approaches a, such that f(z) is holomorphic on all points except its poles.