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n The ability to be aware of things.
n The ability to remember things.
n The ability to focus the thoughts.
n Somebody that embodies certain mental qualities.
n Judgment, opinion, or view.
n Desire, inclination, or intention.
n A healthy mental state.
v (context|now|_|regional) To remember. (defdate|from 14th c.)
v (context|now|_|rare|_|except in phrases) To concern oneself with, to pay attention to. (defdate|from 15th c.)
v (context|originally and chiefly in negative or interrogative constructions) To dislike, to object to; to be bothered by. (defdate|from 16th c.)
v (context|now|_|chiefly|_|North America|Ireland) To pay attention to; to listen attentively to, to obey. (defdate|from 16th c.)
v (context|chiefly|_|in imperative) To make sure, to take care ((term|that)). (defdate|from 17th c.)
v To be careful about. (defdate|from 18th c.)