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v (transitive) To come upon; meet.
a (context|of a penis) not erect
a (context|of a man) not having an erect penis
a physically weak
n A scraper of board or sheet-iron shaped like half the head of a small cask, used for scraping the ore off the sieve in the operation of hand-jigging.
v (intransitive|figuratively|of a vehicle) To travel with a malfunctioning system of propulsion
v (context|poker slang|intransitive) To call.
n A code-word among w:Jacobite | Jacobites, standing for 'L'ouis XIV, 'J'ames II, Queen 'M'ary of Modena and the 'P'rince of Wales.Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, Millennium Edition, art. "Limp"