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v (intransitive|archaic) To walk.
v (intransitive|cricket|of a wicket) To be lose | lost.
v (obsolete|intransitive) To walk; to fare on one's feet. (defdate|11th-19th c.)
v (intransitive) To move from one place to another. (jump|move|s|a|t)
v (intransitive) To leave; to move away. (jump|depart|s|a)
v (intransitive) To extend (from one point to another).
v (intransitive) To lead (in a direction).
v (intransitive) To start.
v To begin an action or process.
v (intransitive) To resort (to).
v (intransitive) To change from one value to another.
v (intransitive) To end or disappear. (jump|disappear|s|t)
v (intransitive) To be discarded.
v (intransitive) To die.
v (intransitive) To collapse. (jump|collapse|s|t)
v (intransitive) To proceed (often to indicate the perceived quality of an event or state).
v (intransitive) To work (through or over), especially mentally.
v (intransitive|often followed by a preposition) To fit. (jump|en|fit|s|t)
v (intransitive) To be compatible, especially of colors or food and drink.
v (intransitive) To belong (somewhere). (jump|belong in a place|s|t)
v (intransitive) To take a turn, especially in a game. (jump|take a turn|s|t)
v (rfv-sense) (intransitive) To take up a profession.
v (intransitive) To survive or get by; to last or persist for a stated length of time.
v (intransitive) To move or travel in order to do something, or to do something while moving.
v (intransitive) To make an effort.
v (intransitive) To date. (jump|date|s|t)
v (intransitive|of a machine) To work or function. (jump|function|s|t)
v (intransitive) To sound; to make a noise.
v (intransitive|colloquial|usually with "and") To do, especially to do something foolish.
v (intransitive|cricket|of a batsman) To be out.
v (context|copula) To become. The adjective that follows usually describes a negative state. (jump|become|s|t)
v (transitive) To move for a particular distance or in a particular fashion.
v (transitive) To take a particular part or share.
v (transitive) To follow (a course or path).
v (transitive) To offer or bid an amount.
v (transitive) To make (a specified sound). (jump|make a sound|t)
v (transitive|colloquial) To enjoy.
v (transitive|sports) To have a certain record.
v (transitive|slang) To say (something). Often used in present tense. (jump|say|t)
v (transitive|slang) To think or say to oneself.
v (transitive|Australian slang) To attack.
n A turn at something.
n An approval to do something or a something that has been approved to do.