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a (context|of a tire or other inflated object) Deflated, especially because of a puncture.
a (music|note) Lowered by one semitone.
a (music) Of a note or voice, lower in pitch than it should be.
a (music|voice) Without variations in pitch.
a Uninteresting.
a Absolute.
a (slang) Describing certain features, usually the breasts or buttocks, that are extremely small or not visible at all.
a (context|of a battery) Unable to generate power; dead.
a (juggling|of a throw) Without spin; spinless.
a So as to be flat.
a Bluntly.
a (qualifier|with units of time, distance, etc) Not exceeding.
a Completely.
n An area of level ground.
n (music) A note played a semitone lower than a natural, denoted by the symbol sign placed after the letter representing the note (e.g., B♭) or in front of the note symbol (e.g. ♭♪).
n (informal|automotive) A flat tyre/tire.
n (in the plural) A type of ladies' shoes with very low heels.
v (intransitive) To become flat or flattened; to sink or fall to an even surface.
v (intransitive|music|colloquial) To fall from the pitch.
n (Commonwealth|_|except Canada) An apartment.