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a expression of agreement
a Of superior quality.
a Of a particular grade of quality, usually between very good and very fine, and below mint.
a (context|of weather) Sunny and not raining.
a (informal) Being acceptable, adequate, passable, or satisfactory.
a (context|informal) Good-looking, attractive.
a Consisting of especially minute particulate; made up of particularly small pieces.
a Particularly slender; especially thin, narrow, or of small girth.
a Made of slender or thin filaments.
n (usually|plural) something that is fine; fine particles
v (transitive) to make finer, purer, or cleaner
v (intransitive) to become finer, purer, or cleaner
v (transitive) To issue a fine as punishment to (someone).
n (music) The end of a musical composition.
n (music) The location in a musical score that indicates the end of the piece, particularly when the piece ends somewhere in the middle of the score due to a section of the music being repeated.
v (obsolete|transitive) To cause to cease; to stop.