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v (transitive) To create (a hole) by removing material with a drill |drill (gloss|tool).
v (intransitive) To practice, especially in a military context.
v (transitive) To repeat an idea frequently in order to encourage someone to remember it.
v (intransitive) To investigate or examine something in more detail or at a different level
v (ergative) To cause one's subordinates to drill (gloss|practice).
v (transitive) To hit or kick with a lot of power.
n A tool used to remove material so as to create a hole, typically by plunging a rotating cutting bit into a stationary workpiece.
n The portion of a drilling tool that drives the bit
n An activity done as an exercise or practice (especially a military exercise)
n Any of several molluscs, of the genus (taxlink|Urosalpinx|genus), that drill holes in the shells of other animals.
n An Old World monkey of West Africa, (taxlink|Mandrillus leucophaeus|species), similar in appearance to the mandrill, but lacking the colorful face.
n A strong, durable cotton fabric with a strong bias (diagonal) in the weave.