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v To move so that an opening is closed.
v To put an end to.
v To make (e.g. a gap) smaller.
v (surveying) To have a vector sum of 0; that is, to form a closed polygon.
v (marketing) To make a sale.
v (baseball|pitching) To make the final outs, usually three, of a game.
v (computing) To terminate a computer program or a window or file thereof.
n An end of something.
a At a little distance; near.
a Intimate; well-loved.
a (context|Ireland, England, Scotland|weather) hot, humid, with no wind.
a (linguistics|phonetics|of a vowel) articulated with the tongue body relatively close to the hard palate
n (context|now|_|rare) An enclosed field.
n (Scotland) A very narrow alley between two buildings, often overhang|overhung by one of the buildings above the ground floor.