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n (slang|offensive) The vagina.
n As much as fills a such a container.
n A rectangular border around an image or section of text.
n The driver's seat on a coach.
n (engineering) A cylindrical casing around for example a bearing or gland.
n (computing|slang) A computer, or the case in which it is housed. (jump|computer|u|s|t)
n (juggling) A pattern usually performed with three balls where the movements of the balls make a boxlike shape.
v (transitive) To place inside a box; to pack in boxes.
v (transitive|usually with 'in') To hem in.
v (transitive) To mix two containers of paint of similar color to ensure that the color is identical.
v (transitive) To strike with the fists.
v (rfd-sense|lang=en) (transitive|Jamaica|African American Vernacular English) To punch (a person).
v (transitive) To fight against (a person) in a boxing match.
v (intransitive) To participate in boxing; to be a boxer.