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a (context|now|_|chiefly|_|dialectal|Northern England) blue | Blue.
v (intransitive) To be propelled by an air current.
v (transitive) To create or shape by blowing; as in to blow bubbles, to blow glass.
v (transitive) To cause to make sound by blowing, as a musical instrument.
v (intransitive) To make a sound as the result of being blown.
v (transitive|with "up"|or|with prep phrase headed by "to") To cause to explode, shatter, or be utterly destroyed.
v (transitive) To cause sudden destruction of.
v (intransitive) To suddenly fail destructively.
v (transitive|slang) To recklessly squander.
v (transitive|vulgar) To fellate.
v (transitive) To leave.
v To make flyblown, to defile, especially with fly eggs.
n (UK|informal) A chance to catch one’s breath.
n (uncountable|US Chicago Regional|slang) heroin | Heroin.
n A mass or display of flowers; a yield.