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n (vulgar|offensive) A submissive person, often female, who does what others want; a slave. (defdate|from the 20th c)
n (obsolete|informal) Of a man, playful variation on dog |dog (sense "man"). (defdate|from the 16th c)
n (humorous|colloquial|used with a possessive pronoun) Friend. (defdate|from the 20th c)
n (colloquial|usually only used in the singular) A difficult or confounding problem.
n (figurative) Something unforgiving and unpleasant.
v (intransitive) To behave or act as a bitch.
v (transitive) (rfd-sense) To make derogatory comments.
v (transitive) To criticize spitefully, often for the sake of complaining rather than in order to have the problem corrected.